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But some of those 17.4m are no longer with us

30 July, 2019

• PATRICK Burke writes that the 17.4 million people who voted leave have not gone away, (To people like me ‘out’ means out, July 19).

With respect some have. Around 500,000 people in this country die each year so 1.5 million who were alive in June 2016 have since shuffled off this mortal coil.

Some must have been leavers. Leave voters made up, if memory serves, 37.5 per cent of the electorate. If that percentage of leave voters has died then, if my arithmetic is right, some 712,000 leave voters have gone away.

The number could be higher as leave attracted people who were both poorly educated and old. Mr Burke tells us that to millions of leave voters “‘out’ means completely out”. I am sorry he was not prominent in a leave campaign neither of which said anything of the sort.

Does Mr Burke not remember “the easiest trade deal ever” (Liam Fox), “the German car industry will be beating down Angela Merkel’s door demanding access to the UK market” (Boris Johnson), “Mrs Merkel will ensure us a good deal” (Nigel Farage), “there is no question of us leaving the single market” (Daniel Hannan) and so on and so on?

It was all going to be so easy and so painless. The last three years have shown that the leavers’ claims were fantasy.

I wonder whether those who made them believed them or whether making leave seem easy and painless was a ploy to get the mugs to vote leave, clearing the way for the no-deal Brexit they wanted all along.

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