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Cable Street remembered

05 October, 2018

• TOMORROW (Saturday) the British branch, “Pietro Secchia”, of the Communist Party (Italy) will be in London remembering the epic working-class victory against the British Union of Fascists’ attempted march in Cable Street on October 4, 1936.

The commemoration will start at 2pm, at the Cable Street mural, and will involve sister parties from Britain, such as the New Communist Party of Britain, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Fascism, a socially divisive ideology, is a direct product of capitalism, used by the capitalist establishment any time its economic system is in crisis.

If in 1936 Irish, Jewish and socialist workers in east London were being targeted by the British Union of Fascists, whose members were often English working-class men, today the contemporary crisis of capitalism is repeating the same attack on the proletariat in Britain, as well as in the rest of Europe, in and outside the European Union.

The British branch of the Communist Party (Italy) is calling on the British proletariat to unite against its common enemy: the upper-middle class and capitalist private monopolies such as banks, insurance companies and multinational companies.

Anti-fascism is only anti-capitalism. Against Nato, and against the EU: the true expression of modern greed from the financial sector.

British branch “Pietro Secchia”
Communist Party (Italy)


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