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Can you get on bike for charity’s food runs?

17 September, 2021 — By Helen Chapman

New volunteer Jonathan Gore gets to work

A COMMUNITY centre in Highbury is calling for volunteers to help deliver food parcels by bike.

Elizabeth House in Hurlock Street was supporting up to 200 residents every week with shopping and groceries during the first three weeks of the lockdown last year.

They have now opened up a “food co-op” where people make a small financial contribution towards cooking and cupboard items.

Nathalie Renaud, director of the Elizabeth House Community Centre, said: “For us it is about working towards something that is sustainable. We know that food insecurity or food poverty is not going anywhere.

“It’s probably going to get worse when you think the cost of living is increasing, the furlough scheme is ending.

“We have assisted around 700 residents in the last 18 months. We realised so many of these people are incredibly isolated with very little support so the food co-op is not only a way to assist with food but also to connect with people, get people involved in their community.”

The council donated an electric cargo bike to Elizabeth House last week to assist with deliveries to those who struggle to leave home to go to the shops. Food parcels are also made available to those who cannot afford to pay.

Ms Renaud said: “It would be amazing to have people from the local community to give an hour of their time to help to deliver to the 50 households we have on our rota for home deliveries.”

To get in touch with Elizabeth House contact 020 7690 1300 or email

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