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Cat that was trapped on tube is on track for recovery

Blitz suffered broken bones as around 250 trains thundered past above him

13 March, 2020 — By Tom Foot

Blitz has been confined to a cage in his owners’ home since the accident

A CAT that survived a terrifying ordeal on the Underground has taken his first steps to recovery.

Blitz got himself trapped on tunnel tracks deep in the depths of Tufnell Park tube station six weeks ago, baffling his owners as to how he got there.

He had cowered injured with broken bones and a mystery bite mark on his back as an estimated 250 tube trains thundered just above him.

Tube staff realised he was not dead and, after seven hours, a rescue operation was launched that temporarily shut the High Barnet branch of the Northern line.

Blitz has been confined to a cage in his owners’ home – between Tufnell Park and Archway tube stations – for six weeks since the accident.

Owner Mark Piggott said: “He’s not out of the woods yet.

“On Monday [my wife] Lynda took Blitz back to the Royal Veterinary College for physio, six weeks after his accident and having been in a cage ever since. They said he can be free for 15 minutes four times a day, then next week four times for 30 minutes, the week after four times one hour… Hopefully, he’ll be free full-time in four more weeks. Sadly, they don’t think he should be allowed outside any more as he’s too vulnerable – but we aren’t sure about that.”


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