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Charger boost for electric cars

04 August, 2017 — By Aleesha Hansel

THE Town Hall has launched Islington’s first rapid on-street charging point for electric cars.

The charger, which is located at the junction of Sheringham Road and Lough Road in Holloway, will give 80 per cent of power in 30 minutes – a fraction of the four hours that current devices need.

Islington Council is planning to roll out 100 of the charging points over the next year, with the next one due to be installed in Archway.

Town Hall transport chief Claudia Webbe said: “Investing in next-generation chargers is absolutely essential for Islington. We need to move away from toxic diesel vehicles to clean up the air we breathe.”

Currently residents need to purchase a permit to use the charging points which cost £67 for the first year and £20 every subsequent year, but a ­consultation will be held on setting up a pay-as-you-go system, the council said.

Working to increase the use of ­electric vehicles in the borough, the Town Hall is also offering free ­resident parking and is supporting the expansion of electric car-sharing clubs.

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