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Chihuahua attacked by fox in back garden

Warning of ‘infestation’ as pet owner tells how she fought to free little Madison from intruder

03 March, 2017 — By Joe Cooper

Marie Wilson, who lives in Canonbury, with fox attack victim Madison

A FITNESS instructor has warned of a fox “infestation” in Islington after her pet dog was savaged in her back garden.

Marie Wilson had her back turned when a fox leapt over the fence of her back garden in Canonbury and locked its jaws around Madison, a 2.4kg chihuahua.

“I turned round and I thought she was dead,” said Ms Wilson, 42. “I thought to myself, you’re not taking her body.

“I was kicking the fox and shouting, ‘let go’. I wanted to kill him. The fox lifted her up off the ground, then I really laid into him. I gave him one big almighty kick and he went straight into the wall and let go of her. I think I’ve broken my toe.”

Ms Wilson saw the attacker look into her home, where her other dog, Finlay, was hiding.

“I just wanted him gone,” she added. “He went for the door, so I blocked it and punched him in the face.”

She managed to shut the door to her council flat in Almorah Road last Thursday and checked on Madison, who had a gaping wound in her stomach and broken teeth.

Madison suffered a serious stomach injury

Celia Hammond, a vets charity which helps people on low incomes, treated seven-year-old Madison and stitched her up. “The nurse said I saved her life,” Ms Wilson, a mother-of-one, added. “If I wasn’t there she would’ve been gone. I would do it again. Your mothering instinct kicks in and you just want to protect your babies.”

Ms Wilson said her garden has been plagued with foxes at all times of day and said neighbours who feed them and even give them names are partly to blame.

She now only lets her dogs outside when she is armed with a cricket bat.

“This was my biggest fear,” she said.

“The council sent out a leaflet a few years ago warning people to be careful with their pets and foxes. But I think they should do more, like put up chicken wire or stop these foxes breeding. I don’t feel safe in my own garden.

“People need to be aware not to be feed or be friendly with these vermin. Madison is still traumatised and will be for a while, and so am I. I will never forget this.”

An Islington Council spokesman said: “We were saddened and concerned to hear about this upsetting incident and hope Ms Wilson’s dog makes a full recovery. Unfortunately, under existing controls, the council has no remit to regulate local fox populations as they do not carry disease, unlike rats.

“We’d suggest Ms Wilson contacts the Fox Project, which provides helpful practical advice on deterring the animals.”

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