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City Hall’s initiative to cut youth violence

08 November, 2019

• THE widespread roll-out of early intervention initiatives across the capital is key to our efforts to end the surge in serious youth violence.

The Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) has been set up at City Hall to help deliver a public health approach to the issue, and recognises the importance of reaching out to the most vulnerable young Londoners before they fall into the grip of gang activity and exploitation.

Our education system also has a central role to play in tackling violent crime. Accordingly, the mayor has recently announced an extra £4.7million of funding, through the VRU, directed at reducing school exclusions, improving after-school provision and giving support to pupils struggling with the transition between primary and secondary school.

This builds upon the work that the London Assembly education panel has carried out on pupil behaviour management, school exclusions and off-rolling and the several recommendations it has made to address the issue.

The government should bolster the efforts that City Hall is making in each of these areas by reversing the significant cuts it has made to youth services and the Met police and reconsider welfare reforms that have pushed many children into poverty and precarious circumstances.

London Assembly Member for North East
(Hackney, Islington & Waltham Forest)


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