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Clerkenwell street’s big day celebrates 10th anniversary

29 June, 2018

Flashback: puppeteers at the first fete in 2008

A SUMMER fete in Clerkenwell celebrates its 10th anniversary on Sunday.

The Amwell Street fete kicks off at 11am with 100 people doing yoga, organised by Fashercise, an activewear shop based in the street.

The day will have a Latin theme with four music acts, the annual dog show, cake bake-off, community stalls, arts and crafts and a funfair for children.

One of the organisers, Margaret Lamont, from Great Percy Street, has worked at Amwell Veterinary Practice with husband Dale Bartar for 21 years.

Ms Lamont said: “Ten years ago it was decided to sell off 220 com­munity properties to the highest bidder and our community was put in a property war with devel­opers. We worked on it for a couple of weeks and managed to get it overturned with 3,000 signatures.”

She added: “Fetes are a sign that people are coming together more as communities. Amwell is very villagey, a contained area with a mixed population of council tenants next to people in a house worth a lot of money.

“Community events foster a harmonious relationship between residents, community groups and businesses.”

This weekend sees the reopening of the George and Monkey pub, which shut more than five years ago. Ms Lamont said: “There have been a few efforts to reopen the property. Some of it has been converted into flats, but the ground floor has been left for the bar and it looks stunning.”

The event is sponsored by Brownings Garage, Amwell Veterinary Practice and other retail­ers in Amwell Street.

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