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Closing the path through the estate is not the way forward

24 July, 2020

• WE live in an era when the extinguishing of public rights of way and the privatisation of public space are threats like never before.

Yet Armi Pallai (Pathway closure is a last resort, July 17) supports the closure of a footpath through Pollard Close estate.

No doubt some users of the right of way do behave badly; but moving them elsewhere doesn’t change their behaviour or eliminate the problem, it just relocates it.

Meanwhile, the majority of non-problematic users of the route are banned too. In other words, punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty.

The right answer to a problem like this is more footfall, and for those living in and going through the area to directly and humanly engage with people causing problems, not to hide or move the problem and pretend it’s been solved.

Furthermore I wonder how many residents there, complaining about people walking past, have cars and drive down streets where other people live?

I’d far rather have pedestrians, even if not “well-behaved”, walking past my window than have cars going past and poisoning me and my environment.

Let’s get threats in perspective.

Caledonian Road, N1


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