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Coffee place has grounds for celebration

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04 May, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

At their Highness Café and Tea Room: Onur Gosku with two-year-old Melissa, Gerry, Nes and Selcuk Kamil

A family-run café in Highbury Barn is the winner of the Time Out Love London Award “Most Loved Local Coffee Place 2018”. It’s the café’s third year in a row winning the award. Onur Goksu, owner of the Highness Café and Tea Room, said: “A lot of times we eat here as well, so a lot of the food we eat is the food we serve to our customers as well. We spend more time here than at our house, so anybody who comes in here we treat them as if they are at our home.”
Nes Goksu, Onur’s sister, is pastry chef and co-owner of the café. She was even baking cakes to order for a customer’s birthday the day her daughter Melissa was born. Gerry Goksu is their younger sister, who also works with them. Nes said: “The reaction from the community has been great. We couldn’t have done it without them.” Nes qualified at the prestigious cookery school Le Cordon Bleu and worked at a hotel before joining the rest of the family at the Highbury Barn popular hangout.
Even mum and dad were there the day the Tribune went to meet them, lending a helping hand serving up the homemade cakes and freshly made salads proudly sitting in the window display.
The Highness Cafe and Tea Room, 21a Highbury Park, London, N5 1QJ, is open daily until 6pm.

It’s a dogs’ life for former hospital worker Robert

Robert with his Collies Roxy and Rosy, Hungarian Pumi Grace, Japanese Akita Inu Kin and Akita Flora

Robert Stuhldreer is a professional dog trainer and has lived in Holloway for 25 years. He says he left behind his job of 10 years at a hospital to work with dogs instead. “They’re simpler than people,” Robert says. He recommends having “clear parameters and achievable goals” when training dogs.
Robert has five pet dogs who have starred in film, TV and theatre. Flora, an Akita, has competed in the championship dog show Crufts for the past three years. Robert says: “Akitas are very strong-willed and independent-minded. Flora is world class having been nominated for awards at Crufts.” She was in the West End performing in the immersive theatrical experience You Me Bum Bum Train last year. “People were crowd surfing across a room then end up in a vet’s consulting room where Flora was,” Robert said.
His Hungarian Pumi, Grace, was plastered on the walls of the Underground last year advertising the musical Nativity! with Louis Walsh.
And the work never stops for these pooches. Robert said: “Look out for QVC on May 30 where Flora will be selling grooming products.”

Alice’s art fair plans to unite community

Alice Fielden

Life-long Archway resident Alice Feilden, 22, is starting an art fair to bring the community together. She was born and raised in Archway and has seen the area change over time. She says: “They have rebuilt the centre of Archway. It’s had a massive facelift but the unglamorous problems still prevail. You have to focus on the community to make those changes apply to the social part of Archway too. It’s up to members of the community to do this.”
Alice has started The Hustle Club with the vision to encourage young people interested in arts-based careers. She said: “My ambition is to bring arts and people together and build a platform.” The initiative kicks off in June with a day festival at The Depot N7 pub. It will include art stalls, food, drinks and music, and aims to give emerging artists, performers and musicians a space to showcase and sell their work.
There will also be stalls selling clothes, art, and food pop-ups from local restaurants and young culinary entrepreneurs.
The art fair is on Saturday June 30, from 2-5pm at The Depot N7 pub in Carpenters Mews and Alice is looking for crafters, artists and stall-holders to get involved and take part in the fair. If you are interested contact Alice by emailing


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