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Collision with runner made me realise our streets are not safe

12 January, 2018

• I HAD an experience that brought home to me how easily a familiar pavement can become a place of danger.

Last Sunday morning, I was struck at right angles by a runner charging down a hill on the inside edge of the sidewalk who had clearly not seen me, although I was wearing a bright red top and high-vis green gloves. I had no chance of seeing him.

Our foreheads clashed and each of us was stunned for a few moments, but I was then able to continue with nothing more than a deep graze and a pounding headache. Had I been an instant sooner, the same blow would have put me in hospital or worse.

There is no such thing as a safe street. Every corner needs to be approached with caution. I hope that the other person involved has learnt a similar lesson. Speed can kill, even just running at speed.

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