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COMMENT: Corbyn emerges a victor in this historic and significant election

09 June, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

JUDGING by the exit polls – and allowing for all the variables which will unfold until the last count later today – this has proved to be an astonishing general election. It is, in fact, the most significant election in Britain’s history since 1945 when Labour swept to power under Attlee.

It can be arguably sustained that Labour would have gained more seats if the press and broadcasters had not demonised Jeremy Corbyn to the extent they did. As he predicted, however, he was able to gain popularity in the weeks of the election because TV gave a better balanced coverage.

He was maligned as a far-left extremist. Fortunately, the public took a different view.

He is of the Wilsonian and Attlee mould – a reformer, not a political revolutionary.

This came out in Labour’s manifesto whose calls for higher taxes for the very rich and more support for the public sector resonated with the public.

Mrs May’s “dementia tax” certainly didn’t.

Whatever the final swings and losses, it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn has emerged a victor.

His greatest triumph, along with that of his colleagues, was to alter the tone of British politics by putting before the public a manifesto presenting a vision and a dream offering hope.


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