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Computers are a liability not an asset for many people

08 September, 2017

• MARTIN Rutherford’s complaints about the council’s stance against paper bills are spot on (They’re ditching paper bills, but we can’t all go online, September 1).

The council needs to take stock of the impracticalities of its decision to force everyone to ditch familiar processes and to go online. It is imposing a disproportionate cost onto innocent citizens and is turning simple five-minute jobs into potential nightmares.

If computers were reliable and if their applications were all stable, predictable and intuitive, and if there were no malicious hackers targeting corporates and pensioners alike, then nobody would be making a decent living out of keeping them under control. Clearly a computer is a liability not an asset for many people.

As Mr Rutherford rightly reports, a lot of people have no interest in forking out for computers and training courses. And who can blame them? Thousands of people are being expected to squander their savings on equipment and consumables that they might use for only an hour a year and that have minds of their own.

Of course, a huge proportion of the population derives great benefits from owning laptops for things they choose to do and they might happily align with the council’s new processes. But for some of us there will never be a substitute for physical documents and a simple life.

This is one cost-cutting exercise too many and the council really needs to think again.

Monsell Road, N4


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