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Concern at Tory creep towards NHS privatisation

06 July, 2018

• YESTERDAY (Thurs­day) was the 70th ann­iversary of the founding of the NHS. It is one of the UK’s proudest achievements and, I am pleased to add, was made possible by a Labour government.

This anniversary is a chance to reflect on how the NHS has served us, our family and friends, by providing universal healthcare free at the point of use. However, there are serious concerns about the pressures facing the NHS and the Tory government’s creep towards privatisation.

Spending on mental health services has fallen. The prime minister recently announced that the NHS would receive a funding boost before 2024, but this still falls below the rise campaigners have long been calling for.

Islington Labour councillors will move a motion at this week’s full council meeting resolving to urge the government to ensure a genuine parity of esteem between physical and mental health services, and to adequately fund mental health services.

Islington Labour is firmly committed to tackling inequalities, including health inequalities. One in six adults in Islington has at least one diagnosed mental health condition. It is vital that mental health services are adequately funded, so that everyone can access the support they need.

I would like to thank all of our wonderful residents who work for the NHS.

Mental health champion and Labour councillor,
Highbury East


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