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Concerns surrounding the Sobell Centre are being totally ignored

28 July, 2017

• IT is very sad and totally unacceptable that the voices of well over 1,000 customers and residents, raising justifiable concerns about the proposed recreational theme park project at the Sobell Centre, are being totally ignored by GLL and Islington Council executive.

All that customers ask is for full information on the project and a pause in implementation while the promised proper and democratic public consultation takes place.

Sobell customers have an enormously wide range of skills and expertise that, in the past, has proved so valuable to the council and managing agent. Why are their views on this project being completely ignored?

In the absence of any publicly available detail of financial projections or Islington-based evidence of need for this project, customers are justifiably asking in what way the council executive has properly and rigorously tested all detail, especially financial, within the project proposal/business plan put to it by the managing agent, before signing it off for implementation.

Certainly, ward councillors asked have no answers to these questions and are seeking further details from the council executive.

Why has the full public consultation promised by the managing agent in 2016 not taken place? With the council as a partner, customers expect a fully transparent and openly democratic process on such a matter. Exactly the opposite appears to have happened.

All the 1,000-plus people who have so far expressed concern look forward to a detailed public response to these queries before the centre is damaged by this project, both as a vibrant community hub and as a fine piece of architecture.

Sobell customer representative


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