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Corbyn critics use fear and smear

13 April, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn

• OPPOSITION to the prospect of a Corbyn-led Labour Party entering Number 10 is so appalling that a shrill few will use all the dirty tricks in the book to prevent it. Fear and smear is their favoured weapon, facts and accuracy are not.

Smears from some former senior Labour politicians started to decry Jeremy Corbyn 15 minutes after he was elected, the first time, in September 2015. And the decrying has not desisted.

Screaming followed his election: “He’s a friend of Hamas” and “He voted against his own party nearly 500 times over 30 years.” Press barons, who do not reside here or pay tax here, try to tell us how to think and vote.

A crass example was the attempt to try to brand Mr Corbyn as an associate of a USSR spy. And he was accused of doing little to argue for Remain, even though facts contradict this.

Then there is throwing of anti-Semitic mud. Labour members can point to a proud history of fighting fascism, going back to the 1930s and the Spanish Civil War, while other mainstream political parties and mass media remained almost silent.

The thorough Chakrabarti report into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party was not enough to satisfy those who still wanted to issue slanders – joined this time around by Labour MPs who should know better.

I warmly welcome, as does Jon Lansman, founder of the popular pro-Labour group Momentum, Mr Corbyn’s role in any national Labour Party discussion about anti-Semitism.

I’m sure he can contribute much, learn much and by doing so expose the “Enough is Enough” move­ment as a scam on democracy.

The real question is: why is all this happening? It’s about policy, power, money and ultimately control of people’s votes.



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