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‘Corbyn doesn’t care’ smear

08 February, 2019

• I HAVE my tongue firmly stuck in my cheek in dealing with the accusation against those, like myself, who dared to ask questions about who was funding and backing the “People’s Vote” campaign with its various adjuncts.

Judging by the tone of one critical letter (MPs must back a People’s Vote, February 1) it assumed “we” did not listen to the people of Islington and “arrogantly” ignored the concerned opinion of voters. How wrong was that assumption.

As anyone who knows me – and I’ve been a resident of this borough since 1981 – I am a brave talker, and listen, not as well as Jeremy Corbyn admittedly, to a lot of voters, never revealing my own political persuasion.

As for smearing MPs Jeremy Corbyn, again, and Emily Thornberry with the “don’t care” rant, this was not only historically inaccurate it’s insulting.

Jeremy sits on a 33,000 majority and Emily has got up to more than 20,000. Islington North has doubled membership to 4,000 since “Jezza” became leader. Islington South membership has also doubled.

My tongue is now out of my cheek – to blow raspberries at the crude smears which the accusation deserves.



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