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Corbyn faces abuse from the media to the doorstep

12 May, 2017

‘Jeremy Corbyn is a leader’

• ON BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday, Justin Webb asked Labour campaign coordinator Ian Lavery: “Do you think there is a connection between the abuse he [Jeremy Corbyn] receives in the media, and he does receive abuse, and the questions that are asked about him on the doorstep?”

The answer is “yes” and I am glad that somebody in the media, especially the BBC, has at last owned up to this.

Over the last two years Jeremy has been unceasingly and cynically abused by the media. Over and over again they say he is “not a leader”. Having backed up this statement in interviews with those Labour MPs and former leaders of the Labour Party who opposed him in the leadership election, they then put loaded questions to people in the street, who, influenced by the media, repeat this statement.

Despite the abuse and downright lies, in two successful Labour leadership elections Jeremy steadfastly kept to policy issues and point-blank refused to succumb to or respond to cheap gossip and smear tactics.

Also, out of respect for his neighbours, Jeremy refuses to take part in the “press pack” circus in front of his house.

Anybody who lives through such abuse dished up day in, day out, refuses to hit back in the same way, and maintains his principled stand for peace and social justice without putting on presidential airs and graces has strong leadership qualities. Jeremy Corbyn is a leader.

Chair, Islington Pensioners Forum


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