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Corbyn values Jewish community

06 April, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn

• AS Jewish Labour Party members in Islington North we know from experience that our MP, Jeremy Corbyn – a strong believer in human rights – respects and values minority communities here, including our Jewish one. We are sure that the same applies to his leadership of the Labour Party.

We are dismayed by unbalanced media reporting ahead of the local elections of allegations of anti-Semitism against Jeremy. We believe this partly results from his legitimate criticism of Israel’s cruel and racist treatment towards its Palestinian and Bedouin populations.

This is because one definition of anti­-Semitism includes criticism of the Israeli state as racist. We reject that definition. Indeed, many Israelis criticise actions of their state.

Any genuine anti-Semites and racists among the 600,000 members of the Labour Party should be challenged and, if necessary, expelled. The recommendations in the Chakrabarti Report will greatly help deal with such abuse.

We dissociate ourselves from the accusations of anti-Semitism made against Jeremy by the Board of Jewish Deputies and some Labour MPs. We confirm our confidence and support for Jeremy as MP and as a future prime minister of this country.

JENNY KASSMAN, Finsbury Park branch
JULIA BARD, St George’s branch
LOUISA S KAPLIN, Junction branch
JULIAN LOUSADA, Highbury East branch
SUE LUKES, Highbury East branch
PROF MICA NAVA, St George’s branch
JENNY RICHARDSON, Tollington branch
DAVID ROSENBERG, St George’s branch
MONIKA SCHWARTZ, Junction branch
PROF LYNNE SEGAL, Highbury East branch
ANNABELLE SREBERNY, Highbury East branch
RUTH STEIGMAN, St George’s branch
ANNETTE THOMAS, St George’s branch
DR GILLIAN YUDKIN, St George’s branch
PROF JOHN S YUDKIN, St George’s branch  


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