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Corbyn’s long-awaited position on Brexit means he’s electable

04 January, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn

• JEREMY Corbyn’s stance on Brexit has been a long-time arriving and now he has made a decision which makes him electable.

To go against the will of the majority would have guaranteed failure, as he would have had no economic rights to restructure. Imagine Blair laughing at Corbyn, the man who finished off socialism.

Remainers will argue that the future of young people is at stake. They are correct. Remaining within a super-state which has absolute power over national economics is insane. Unelected central bankers, not the electorate, have power over the quality of life.

Mr Corbyn would be blind not to see that the “have nots” are the growing political audience which will deliver power to him.

He is accused of being dangerous should he achieve power, but the Tories playing political games is where the real disaster lies. This creates insecurity for business, but this fact is never exposed by Labour. Why?

Italy and France could be hit with sanctions by the bullying EU, as socially they melt down. In what way is that constructive?

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