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Corbyn’s loud-mouthed supporters are damaging Labour

18 December, 2020

‘Jeremy Corbyn was a disaster for our Labour Party’

• I’M a great admirer of the Tribune, you are a breath of fresh air on the local Islington scene. Which said, your extensive coverage of the Jeremy Corbyn “issue” is beginning to weary even me.

And I’m an interested observer of our parish-pump politics. Lord knows how many of your other readers must be bored to tears.

Truth is, Corbyn was a disaster for our Labour Party. He screwed up the 2019 election big time.

Thus putting the arch-mountebank Boris Johnson and his incompetent cronies in a position to devastate both the handling of the Covid-19 crisis, and our departure from the European Union (an imminent disaster, on a possibly horrendous scale).

All the opinion polls show that Sir Keir Starmer is popular with the electorate, regarded as a much better leader than our current prime minister, and above all, somebody with an authentic moral (I repeat, moral) purpose, and moral compass.

He will, rightly, win the next general election – which cannot come soon enough.

Meantime, what do the Islington Trades Council and Islington Pensioners’ Forum have to say (Tribune, December 11)?

According to the chair of the trades council, they stand “shoulder to shoulder with Islington’s very own, ‘The People’s MP’”.

Pull the other one Mick Gilgunn, and preferably at shorter length than your long-winded letter. Or should that be manifesto?

Corbyn’s predecessor in North Islington, Michael O’Halloran, could genuinely claim to be one of the people. Corbyn, with his petit bourgeois pretensions, cannot.

Ditto with Bob Collins, chair of Islington Pensioners’ Forum. You claim to be non-political but then proceed to be almost laughably partisan.

As an elderly, disabled, pensioner myself may I ask that you and your colleagues on the forum are advocates for me and those in my predicament rather than absurd political grand-standers? Put your own egos to one side, if this is humanly possible.

We all need to get fully behind Sir Keir Starmer now. However well-meaning Corbyn’s loud-mouthed supporters may be, all they are doing is damaging Labour. They should pipe down and do some serious thinking.

Barnsbury Street, N1


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