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Corbyn’s stance on Brexit is a result of party’s democratic vote

18 January, 2019

Former Islington Labour members

• IN Emily Finch’s article (Back People’s Vote, critics tell Corbyn, January 11), she quotes several ex-Labour Party and party members in the Islington in Europe group saying that Jeremy Corbyn is “wrecking the chances of his party” because he is not calling for a People’s Vote, a new referendum.

The purpose of this  letter is not to say yes or no to a new referendum. It is to ask these members and those who have resigned their membership of the Labour Party: what kind of Labour Party do they want? What kind of leader do they want?

We now have a leader and a leadership team who stand up for the democratic processes of the party – the decisions of the Labour Party conference. It is com­prised of delegates nominated by the vote of Labour Party ward organ­isations and elected by members of constituency Labour parties all over the country – in constit­uencies that voted for Brexit and others that voted for Remain.

These delegates come together at the conference and discuss the motions submitted from constituency parties and affiliated organisations (trade unions, co-op parties) all over the country, and decide on a composite motion to be put to con­ference. This is discussed and a decision taken on a democratic vote.

The leader of the Labour Party is expected to abide by that decision. The Brexit composite was unanimously agreed. It calls for opposing  the Theresa May deal, demanding a general election and

“If we cannot get a general election Labour must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote.”

It seems that the media haven’t yet understood this democratic procedure, but that’s no excuse for Labour Party members.

Member of Highbury East ward, Islington North Labour Party


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