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Coroner’s concerns over suicide in prison

‘No satisfactory explanation' from private company over attempts to resuscitate Amir Faizi at Pentonville

02 February, 2018 — By Samantha Booth

St Pancras coroner Mary Hassell

A SENIOR coroner has written to the private company in charge of healthcare at Pentonville after a prisoner’s suicide.

In a prevention of future deaths report this week, St Pancras coroner Mary Hassell said she “heard no satisfactory explanation” from Care UK about what happened during attempts to resuscitate Amir Faizi.

A jury inquest found that the 31-year-old, serving an indeterminate sentence for rape, hanged himself in April last year.

Ms Hassell’s report said it was not clear from the evidence what happened during an 11-minute period after the inmate was found.

But a spokesman for Care UK said an indep­endent clinical review found “no concerns” with the resuscitation process, adding: “Nurses responded quickly and immediately started CPR after prison officers gave them access to the patient.”

An agency nurse at the inquest last week said Mr Faizi could “maybe” have been saved and that two of her colleagues were on leave at the time, leaving her with a heavier workload.

However, a Barnet Enfield and Haringey Trust spokesman claimed an electronic staff roster system “disproved the agency nurse’s statement that she was the only nurse on shift for a three-week period”.

The spokesman added that there were “always multiple staff on shift, including psychiatrists and senior nurse managers”.


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