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Councillor who ‘can’t afford to live in Islington’ stands down

Alice Donovan-Hart is one of 12 Labour councillors set to stand down ahead of next year’s local elections

06 October, 2017 — By Joe Cooper

Alice Donovan-Hart, who was elected to represent Clerkenwell in 2014

TWELVE Labour councillors are standing down ahead of next year’s local elections, including one who says she has been priced out of the borough.

Alice Donovan-Hart, who was elected to represent Clerkenwell in 2014, was one of a number of younger councillors who cited living costs as a reason for standing down.

Seven of the 12 took up their posts after the 2014 local election.

She said: “It’s been a privilege to represent the people of Clerkenwell for the last three-and-a-half years. The cost of housing in Islington is the primary reason for my decision to step down. Islington has been my home ever since I left Salford, the city I grew up in, six years ago, and I have loved my time living here.

Former Islington Mayor Richard Greening is also stepping down

“I recently got married at Islington Town Hall and we held our reception in Clerkenwell. This felt right for us as this is the place we met and made our first home. Sadly, home ownership in the borough is out of our financial reach and that is our aspiration as we look to start a family together in the future.”

The other councillors standing down are Tim Nicholls (Junction ward), Olly Parker (Mildmay), James Court, (Clerkenwell), Alex Diner (Canonbury) and Nick Ward (St George’s) – all elected in 2014.

Jean Roger Kaseki (Tollington), Gary Doolan (St Peter’s), Robert Khan (Bunhill), former mayor Richard Greening (Highbury West) and Rupert Perry (Caledonian) are also standing down.

Labour won all but one seat on the council in 2014, with Highbury East Green councillor Caroline Russell providing the sole opposition. The party further cemented its dominance with landslide victories by Jeremy Corbyn and his Islington South counterpart Emily Thornberry in the June general election.

New candidates to replace the 12 departing councillors will be selected in the next few weeks.

The London council elections will take place on May 3, 2018.


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