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Couple drawn together by a love of art exhibit their work

‘I think there’s a fluency in Lucy’s design that makes it worthy of museums’

17 November, 2017 — By Emily Finch

Lucy and Jack Rickards show off examples of their artwork

A COUPLE who met at art school more than 60 years ago will be exhibiting their works with the Islington Art Society this week.

Jack and Lucy Rickards, who live in Blackstock Road, first laid eyes on each other during a life drawing class at Reading University in 1956.

Lucy, 82, was an undergraduate fine art student while Jack, 80, was a self confessed “scruffy” night-schooler.

“I saw this beautiful blonde lady. Lucy was stood up on a chair, you see,” said Jack. “I guess we must have been very frightened of each other at first. The funny thing is, we only spoke French to each other, it was the game that we had. I wanted her to be my special girlfriend,” he added.

Lucy is a keen ceramist who makes an array of plates, mugs and jugs adorned with her illustrations, which include birds and blue nudes. She spends one day a week in a studio coming up with her creations.

Meanwhile, Jack draws landscapes and creates etchings but has experimented with different mediums throughout his life. As an arts lecturer in Newcastle, he was drafted in to teach weaving only to find the college’s looms destroyed on his first day there.

“It was terribly wasteful, downright wicked. That was a real smack in the face for Jack,” said Lucy.

The couple, who have lived in the borough for 32 years, encourage each other in their artistic endeavours.

“I’ve always been impressed by the fact that Lucy is a natural draughtsperson. She draws all the time, I have to set myself to draw and paint. I have to go into a different mode. While Lucy, when she picks up the telephone she immediately starts doodling on a piece of paper.

“That’s why there’s a fluency in Lucy’s design which is why I think it’s almost worthy of museums,” said Jack.

More than 60 artists who are members of the Islington Art Society will be exhibiting their works at the Ply Gallery in Hornsey Town Hall until Tuesday and the borough and Hornsey Library until November 26.


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