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Covid-19 is used as a cover for non-consultation

31 July, 2020

Protesters outside the Town Hall 

• MY thanks for your report, (Road closures sparks Islington Town Hall protest, July 24). Exactly the same is due to happen to the Bowes ward on the edge of the borough of Enfield.

Residents of the area north of Bounds Green tube station (Piccadilly line) were informed last week that the council plan to implement a scheme starting in early August, which would mean residents would have to use the North Circular Road – one of the busiest roads in the country – for all car journeys, as the southern side of the area will be sealed off.

As Islington residents have found, under current Covid-19-related guidelines, councils believe they can act with impunity, and without consulting residents.

However Enfield has made an error: they are obliged to consult businesses and disabled people before they put any scheme into place.

Our research shows that they have not done this. Have Islington, I wonder?

The details can be found here:

Broomfield Home-Owners’ & Residents’ Association


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