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Creativity goes on blooming during lockdown

15 May, 2020

Canonbury artist Gary Power’s ‘Waiting’ captures the lockdown mood

LIVING in lockdown has unleashed the talents of budding artists, poets and photographers across the borough, with many more sending in submissions for our archive – a collection of artwork chronicling life during the coronavirus crisis.

Jack Harris has continued to submit his daily painting from a series focusing on flowers, and Canonbury artist Gary Power, who kickstarted this feature, has sent in another recent work completed during lockdown, titled “Waiting”.

Jack Harris’s latest painting in a series which has followed a floral theme

Meanwhile, Annette Trickitt, of Barnsbury Square, sent in a poem called Ladybird, which explores themes of loneliness and loss of the outdoors during lockdown.

If you have been feeling artistic and want to contribute to our page, please send your drawings, paintings, poems, crafts and more to

Ladybird by Annette Trickitt

I saw a ladybird on the edge of a leaf
The smallest ladybird I’ve ever seen
She looked vulnerable
Would she fall?
A sudden breeze trembled air
She moved to the leaf centre
I looked down
Saw ants, beetles, earwigs, spiders
Scurrying around
A blackbird with a worm in his beak appeared
Connected as I am to this ladybird.

‘Lockdown’, embrace home working
Wear a facemask, keep social distancing
No tests for essential workers
Shortage of PPE
Stay home for NHS
Schools shut, shops close, broken economy
A record number of deaths reported
Worldwide race for virus vaccine.

I miss that small ladybird
And plants, flowers, shrubs
Sun shining on grass and vegetable plots
Spring blossom displayed on a tree
Since coronavirus locked the gates
On Culpeper Community garden.

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