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Cut this pollution in Coram’s Fields

23 May, 2019

• RECENT King’s College testing in Coram’s Fields informs us that diesel generators powering the corporate entertainment marquee increase the NOx pollution by over 50 per cent (from 71.2 to 108.6 μg/m³).

This increased pollution affects the immediate central park area, including the adventure and basketball playground, in November and December every year. With capacity of close to 3,000 litres of diesel, the generator’s pollution is comparable to over 200 cars idling in the middle of Coram’s Fields park for over a month.

Given what we know about already extreme levels of pollution in the central areas of London, and their grave effects, especially by impairing the physical and cognitive development of young children, there is very little to be discussed here, beyond the immorality of installing such mass pollution devices in what is supposedly a safe children area.

There needs to be an immediate ban by Camden Council and the Mayor of London, of all diesel generators in children areas, as well as the need for Coram’s Fields immediately to cease and permanently abandon such practices.

Society must ensure energy sourcing near playgrounds, schools and any areas with vulnerable children or adults avoids creating harmful pollution. Coram’s Fields is a particularly poignant and important example.

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