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Cycle lane hazards: trees, hedges… and manure

28 September, 2018

• I COULD not agree more with the article regarding an expansion of cycle lanes, (Cyclist who lost leg in collision calls for action after another horror crash, September 21).

I refrain from using the existing ones as they are dangerous and the local authority and Metropolitan Police are, somewhat ironically, responsible for this.

If one cycles along Myddelton Street there are trees and hedges as well as parking spaces that are a safety hazard. A cyclist should not have to duck and dive and veer into and out of cycle lanes to avoid unkempt bushes and overhanging trees.

Similarly, near the King’s Cross stables, horse manure is a skid hazard, not to mention  a noxious and vomit-inducing smell.

Why on earth does a body tasked with public safety get away with creating a hazard? I have seen that horses are able to wear ‘nappies’ that collect their droppings.

Perhaps police think this will ruin their image? I don’t know, but it needs addressing.

Granville Square, WC1


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