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Cyclists use Amwell Street four hours out of 24… but we live here

03 August, 2018

• TO illustrate how devious the lobby to turn Amwell Street into a bicycle track has become, may I analyse the statement in the letter from David Lincoln, (Quietway an opportunity, not a threat, July 27)?

He states that there are more than 6,000 motor vehicle movements a day in Amwell Street. If that is the case it means there are 250 vehicles continuously every hour for 24 hours a day.

That is more than four vehicles every minute, which is utter nonsense, not least because there are traffic lights at each end that severely restrict the flow. This is the flakiest fake news I have heard in recent weeks.

Amwell Street is an important thoroughfare, vital for the economy of a city the size of London. The very real problem of pollution is being tackled by legislation. In a few years the matter will not be pressing.

I would point out that cycles are only numerous for four hours out of 24, two hours in the morning one way down the hill, and two hours in the late afternoon coming back up the hill.

The lobby calling for restrictions on traffic is led by people who are not local residents. They are unthinking regarding the consequences of their wants..



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