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Dan Carrier previews UK18, Nick Reynolds’ ‘Orwellian, dystopian nightmare’

13 April, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

UK18 director Nick Reynolds

The extent of state and corporate surveillance has been laid bare through the data harvesting by governments and private firms such as Google. It shows how our use of modern technology has become a tool to either keep us on the straight and narrow as defined by ruling élites or to sell us stuff.
This situation is the starting point of UK18, an indie feature film to be screened at the Regent Cinema in Regent Street on April 19.

Islington’s Nick Reynolds, musician from the band the Alabama Three, has produced the drama. Nick has previously worked with director Andrew Tiernan on London-based film noir Dragon Fly and last year produced a short called Lost Dog.

The new film stars Eloise McWilliams as Shona, a documentary filmmaker who has suspicions that an “RFID chip” people are being implanted with by the government is a tool with more sinister uses than they claim it to have, namely a simple ID device that keeps tabs on us to keep us safe.

Reynolds told Review: “UK18 is as an Orwellian, dystopian nightmare – and is a commentary on where we are today. In UK18, people have been augmented by having radio chip implants and are told they are beneficial for them.

“It is a euphemism for how we may feel we have great personal freedom but are being enslaved by modern technology, by the likes of search engines that work out new ways of trying to sell us stuff, and by the government who can track our movements through our mobile phones.”



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