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Dan Carrier’s film news: Epic swords and sandals classic Clash of the Titans

11 January, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

Perseus, played by Harry Hamlin in the 1981 film classic Clash of the Titans

IT sounds the perfect way to spend one of these cold, dark January afternoons – hunkered down at home watching Laurence Olivier play Zeus and Maggie Smith take on the mantle as fearsome goddess Thetis… I’m talking about the swords and sandals epic Clash of the Titans, made in 1981 by Kentish Town’s Desmond Davis, which has now been released as a collector’s edition DVD and blu ray disc.

Harry Hamlin takes on the role of Perseus (Zeus’s mortal son) who seeks to fulfil his destiny by saving his beloved Andromeda (Judi Bowker) from Smith’s horrible deity.

The effects are perhaps the best thing about this classic – the stop-motion monsters created by Ray Harryhausen, who did the likes of the Sinbad films and Jason and the Argonauts, are fantastic.

Look out for his snake-haired Medusa, a giant sea monster, two-headed dogs, giant scorpions and other creatures that are still nightmare material for any age.

The DVD includes an interview with Harryhausen. The fact is this is a brilliant film looks even better with age, showing the imagination of earlier eras – a true antidote to the over-reliance today on CGI.


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