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Dan Carrier’s movie news: A Moving Image, Shola Amoo’s docu-drama set in Brixton

27 April, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

A Moving Image questions about how we can forge a London that is genuinely for everyone

Are the economic forces raging through London’s streets unstoppable? Are we facing a situation where only people of a certain income bracket will be able to afford to live anywhere in our city? What actually is gentrification, and if we accept it is socially divisive and to all our detriment, then what can we do to counter it?

These are the issues tackled by Shola Amoo in his new film, A Moving Image, which blends fiction with documentary to create a compelling story about what has happened in Brixton.

Brixton – an area whose name has special resonance in our city, for its traditional black London community, for its array of independent businesses, places to go and well-established sense of community – is a clear sign of how London is changing. Indie shops and cafés are being replaced by chains, and new homes are far from affordable.

Amoo was born in the neighbourhood, and uses the story of artist Nina (Tanya Fear) returning to Lambeth and setting out to make a documentary about how it has changed. Described as the film Spike Lee would make about the area, A Moving Image blends different mediums to create both a compelling story but also asks fundamental questions about how we can forge a London that is genuinely for everyone – and what happens if we don’t.

• A Moving Image is a 15 certificate and is being screened at the Hackney Picturehouse until Monday May 1; and Ritzy Picturehouse until May 4


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