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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Even When I Fall

13 April, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

Even When I Fall tells the story of Circus Nepal performers Sheetal and Saraswati

SOMETIMES a story comes at you and you just know that what is to follow is going to be one of those times that you will never feel quite as you did before you walked into the cinema.

Even When I Fall is such a film: a wonderfully made documentary by Sky Neal and Kate McLarnon, it creates a bridge between a deeply personal, moving narrative and an international issue everyone should be more aware of. This is the story of the lives of Circus Nepal performers Sheetal and Saraswati.

The pair met as teenagers at a refuge in Nepal after being trafficked as youngsters to India, where they were sold to a circus.

The twist is that while they have survived, and ultimately escaped their captivity, they were inadvertently left with magical powers: as well as the love and support they give each other, they are the possessors of an incredible array of circus skills.

The pair have joined up with others who have been through similar experiences, and formed Nepal’s only circus troupe. Not only do they woo anyone who sees them perform, they also campaign to highlight the plight of trafficked women and break down the stigma attached to them.

We follow them over six years as they grow, learn and travel – ending up with a barnstorming performance at the Glastonbury festival – before they head home to help a country devastated by earthquake.

It isn’t, of course, an easy watch – but for the heartbreak you can celebrate the incredible spirit flowing through these brave, brave people.


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