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Danger: Highbury and Islington station’s new slippery slope

04 May, 2018

• NICE to see that people are taking notice of the aesthetics of Highbury and Islington station forecourt, (Highbury station forecourt missing one thing – a larger vision , April 27). But have people noticed that there is a gradual gradient that gets steeper the closer to the road?

On Friday, I almost slipped over a couple of times on the wet paving stones. Admittedly, the rubber heels on my boots are a bit worn, but what will the forecourt be like in winter when it freezes? It doesn’t need much of a slope to go base over apex on black ice.

Did the designers take this into account, particularly as regards footwear? Most shoes or boots nowadays have some form of rubberised sole, or will “Elf & Safety” have an inspection pit at the north side of the forecourt?

Wheelchairs can also be at risk. Will the council make sure that plenty of rock salt is spread should any snow fall? A safe station is better than a pretty one.



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