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Dangers of hanging around fast-food shops after school

09 February, 2018

• IN the evenings at the Nag’s Head in Seven Sisters Road, large groups of secondary school children from the borough and beyond gather outside fast-food businesses.

I don’t think this is a good idea. It is not a good reflection on the schools.

Yes, the young people are nicely dressed in their different school uniforms. But it would be much better for all the pupils if they went straight home when school finished to be with their parents and siblings and enjoy family life and relax.

And it would be safer for them as well. I know parents have to work, but children are a precious gift. Maybe finishing work earlier and being a bit poorer would be worth it to be at home when school and college finish.

The heads of secondary schools should on occasion go out and about after school closes to see how their pupils navigate their way home.

Parents should on occasion go out as well and see that their children and young pupils are being positive about themselves and their school.

There are a lot of dangers out there for young people. They are our future so we must look after them.

It is very important that parents or relatives are in the home when children finish school. No job is more important than being a parent, and fathers are just as important as mothers.

Tollington Way, N7


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