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David Baddiel has reminded us what’s at stake in this election

19 May, 2017

David Baddiel

• WELL done to David Baddiel for speaking out on the appalling situation facing our schools (Teaching will suffer, warns Baddiel, as he helps schools, May 11).

His intervention is just the latest reminder of what is truly at stake at this election.

As the NUT point out, Camden’s schools stand to lose more than £1million from their annual budgets – this amounts to around £690 per pupil.

Governors and head teachers have been abundantly clear, in your pages and elsewhere, that they are being forced to make redundancies and into a situation where increases to class sizes are inevitable.

Given the Conservative candidate in Hampstead & Kilburn has acknowledged in your paper that the role of an MP is “to be aware of the local concerns across the constituency…” (Bin-bashing Tulip unleashes rebel streak, May 11), maybe she can bother to gratify parents’ concerns about her party’s attack on children’s opportunities?

To my knowledge, she has not uttered a single word about cuts to schools. She describes herself on her campaign literature as “Theresa May’s candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn”, but maybe she could start adhering to the advice she is dispensing to other candidates this election, and have a think about the local concerns of the constituency.

June 8 is quickly becoming a cliff-edge for our schools.

We can either decide to elect someone who will vote through funding cuts, or support a candidate who will continue to campaign for the best possible funding for our schools.

I know where my vote will be going, and it won’t be for those who can’t be bothered to speak up in support of our local schools.



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