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Democracy as legacy

09 August, 2019

• DEMOCRACY is a precious gift entrusted to us – we have a duty to protect and pass it on unfettered.

In 2016, after a rigorous campaign, the UK voted to leave the EU; 33.5 million voted, 52 per cent to leave. Sadly remainers claim leavers voted because of lies they believed, they were fooled, and that the result is not valid.

The presidency of the EU Commission has been decided by a shade over 700 eligible voters. They were only offered a short-list of one.

Ursula von der Leyen received 52 per cent of the votes. No citizen was given a vote, yet remainers accept this as democracy. A fitting tribute by them to the events of 1819. Makes you wonder why our ancestors bothered.

Mildmay Grove North


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