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Denying May her election would have left her damaged

21 April, 2017

Theresa May

• SO, Mrs May has called an early election purely to bolster her own standing in the Tory Party.

My first political instinct is to oppose the Tories at every front. They are hoping to capitalise on Labour’s low standing in the opinion polls for their own gain.

Any military commander will want to fight on ground of his own choosing. I had hoped Labour would reverse its decision to fight on Tory ground.

Two years ago the country gave David Cameron a slim majority in the hope of denying a divided Tory party free rein. He arrogantly assumed the country would do the job for him by rejecting Brexit. He was wrong and it is the Tories who are beset with backstabbing.

Quite why the Labour Party should have done the job of uniting the Tories is beyond me. To deny Mrs May an election now must surely have left her as damaged goods and triggered further infighting in her shambles of a government.

Highbury estate, N5


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