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Did Routemaster designer ever hop on a bus?

06 September, 2019

• AS a regular traveller through Islington, mostly on route 38, I concur with CT Marks’ opinion of the Routemasters, (The new Routemaster alone is evidence of Boris Johnson’s folly, August 30).

Being hybrids, they probably lack power to run an air-con system as well as propelling the vehicle. The sliding windows are often left open in the rain, causing seats to get wet.

They also seem to have been designed by someone who has never ridden a bus. Things like the grab rails on the stairs being badly placed and the horrible rear door which can swing into one’s face or trap one’s feet.

As has been pointed out by others, the main use of these doors is to enable fare-dodgers to run up the back stairs without touching in. I doubt whether the driver or Transport for London’s revenue people will risk getting stabbed by confronting these evaders.

As a side issue, it’s a shame that the original letter writer could not resist an attack on Boris Johnson: “… our new (though unelected) prime minister”. What? Like Gordon Brown being anointed by Tony Blair in an Islington greasy-spoon?



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