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Discerning burglar leaves cops scratching their heads

Jewellery, clothes, bags and passport are taken during break-in that has baffled police

04 June, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

Anouska with Lula: ‘It seems like someone who knows about quality stuff’

POLICE forensic teams are “baffled” as to how a burglar broke into a Chapel Market flat without leaving a trace.

Anouska Hoffman, 42, lost jewellery, clothes, bags and her passport in the break-in on Tuesday, but says she has been warned there are no leads so far in the search for the culprit.

The thief also stole her camera, which had family photos inside.

“They took really old jewellery which I’ve had since childhood, and things I can’t replace, like a cat locket my mum gave me and charms my friends have bought me, a necklace with my name on it. It’s no worth to anyone but me,” said Ms Hoffman.

“I work in fashion so I’ve accumulated nice bags, which were taken. If you don’t know about leather I don’t know how you would know it was worth it.

“They seemed quite specific about what they were taking and not taking. It seems like someone who knows about quality stuff. I had sunglasses worth £400, which were taken, and I used to work for Jaeger so I had a bag worth £400, which was limited edition and has been taken.”

Ms Hoffman said she had come home at 7.45pm to find the flat ransacked. She feared for the safety of her British blue shorthair cat Lula, who was later found hiding under a bed.

“We were looking for an hour,” she said. “I am quite baffled as to how they [the suspect] got in without leaving any evidence. The forensics were baffled. They said there were no footprints or fingerprints. All the doors were locked and the big windows were shut. I left the bathroom window open an inch but it is so small.”

A Met Police spokes­person said: “Officers attended the scene. More than £1,720 worth of jewellery, clothes and bags were stolen from the property as well as a passport. It is believed the suspect entered through a bathroom window while the victim was out. No arrests. Inquiries continue.”


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