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Do they care about lives of pedestrians using Highbury Corner crossing?

17 May, 2019

St Paul’s Road crossing: ‘Dangerous flaw will soon claim a life unless it’s fixed’

• THE pedestrian crossing that adjoins Corsica Street and goes across St Paul’s Road at Highbury Corner has a dangerous flaw, one which will soon claim a life unless it’s fixed.

The basic problem is that traffic on the A1 heading east towards St Paul’s Road has a traffic light back near the Coffee Corner café with no repeat signal immediately adjacent to the crossing, which leaves a large gap that allows timing problems to lead both traffic and pedestrians believing they have a green light.

This is a very popular crossing with students from nearby Canonbury Primary School, who had a student struck by a car in Canonbury Road and almost killed on Friday. It’s incomprehensible that after so much detailed planning, such a glaring error that puts traffic and pedestrians in direct conflict was not predicted.

The only immediate solution is to paint a box junction, from the light all the way to the crossing, and to extend the time from when the light goes red until the crossing goes green. Then a repeater signal should be installed as soon as possible.

Those responsible for the redevelopment put observers at many places immediately after the commissioning, so I’m perplexed as to why it wasn’t flagged up for urgent remedy. Do Transport for London and Islington Council not care about the lives of the pedestrians that walk their streets?

They have created a similar but less critical situation where Highbury Place meets the A1, as cars have lights to control them… but pedestrians have no way to know when it’s safe to cross.

Then again, I’ve complained for years about the fact that the junction with Drayton Park has no pedestrian control and nothing has been done, so I don’t expect they will suddenly start caring about pedestrians until there is a body count.

I’m sure after the first few deaths they will start pointing fingers at each other, blaming the fact that it falls into a grey area between what TfL controls and what the council does. That will be little compensation for those injured or killed.

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