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Do we want a return to a mythical past when UK could go it alone?

09 March, 2018

• I AM very proud to be an Islingtonian – we voted to Remain in massive numbers, and the overall feeling in the borough strongly remains Remain.

We are a multi-cultural borough, and so many of our businesses (not just Arsenal buying and selling players, but all those small and medium-sized enterprises in the tech sector, exporting video games for example) require a simple international legal framework for easy trading.

The EU system where businesses do not feel they have to compete downwards at the expense of employees (where minimum standards are agreed on maternity/paternity pay/leave, and holidays are agreed across the board on a level playing field) is in everyone’s interests – employer and employee alike.

Islington is a leading borough in terms of green energy and we are very grateful to the EU help we have had in the council’s pioneering green energy in Bunhill. It goes without saying that the environment is an international issue requiring internationally agreed standards.

Your anti-EU correspondent described Donald Trump’s fiscal reforms as “wise” (It’s rich when people who prefer us to remain in the EU predict economic apocalypse, February 2) – time will judge if there is any benefit for less-well-off Americans. He also had the usual British rant against the euro.

My observation when I travel is that as a currency the euro is still going strong despite all the predictions from the UK. Whether it is a strong currency or not, the UK is not in it nor is the UK joining it on the agenda.

I am old enough to remember the 1975 referendum. In the 2016 one there was no significant “Left Leave” campaign in Islington. This is for a good reason.

The people who want to work co-operatively with their neighbours and who do not want a return to a mythical past when Britain could “go it alone” are less likely to be right wing. This is most Islingtonians

Labour, Hillrise ward, a former employee of the EU for six years in Brussels, and current treasurer of the Labour Movement for Europe


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