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Don’t swallow the distorted view of anti-Semitism in many sections of the press

06 September, 2018

• PHIL Rosenberg writes: “Camden Momentum should side with the Jews over the racists”, (Letters, August 30). Who does Phil Rosenberg think “the Jews” are?

Certainly not the Board of Deputies or the Jewish Leadership Council, each of whom represent a small proportion of the Jewish population of this country.

At the demonstration they organised in Parliament Square earlier this year, an equal number of Jews from other organisations and none demonstrated in the square against them, and (as is often the case in our community) there is a multitude of opinions on the very controversial and ill-worded definition of anti-semitism produced by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which has been condemned by several Jewish and non-Jewish authorities in the UK.

As a practising Jew and member of Islington North Labour Party I urge people not to swallow the distorted view of anti-Semitism and of Jeremy Corbyn’s statements aired in many sections of the press.

I have never encountered anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, least of all from Jeremy Corbyn.



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