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Don’t take down the statue – add to it

26 June, 2020

The Boer War statue at Highbury Corner

• DON’T take down the Boer War statue at Highbury Corner. Add to it, (Historian: ‘Don’t pull down Highbury Corner’s Boer War statue’, June 26).

It mourns Islington lads pointlessly killed in a war between two white nations over who gets to exploit black labour.

The Brits wanted the gold and diamonds; the Boers wanted the Africans’ land. Hundreds, maybe thousands of Islingtonians supported the anti-apartheid campaign.

It’s commemorated in Edinburgh by a small bronze figure – an anonymous African woman with her child. Why not put a copy of her beside the Boer War goddess, in that green triangle dedicated to South Africa?

Corsica Street, N5


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