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Drivers will stop making journeys that are inconvenient

07 August, 2020

Detail from a council appeal for views on the creation of ‘people-friendly streets’

• FROM your Letters pages it’s clear that when they think about traffic, many people assume that there is a fixed demand for car journeys, but that’s just not the case.

When the M25 was built it was full within a short space of time. Its very existence had created motorised journeys that did not exist before.

And, similarly, when access to our residential streets is restricted to local people only, then some through-traffic drivers will find that their journeys will become too inconvenient and they won’t make them any more.

Also, when we locals are all enjoying the safer, cleaner, less busy, streets some of us will decide that it’s better to walk or cycle for some journeys (for example, the school run) rather than take the car.

This is what will happen with Islington’s people-friendly streets. Overall traffic will decrease. This is good for us all.

Initially there will be some confusion, while drivers and GPS systems learn the new layout. But the traffic will settle down and even on the main roads it is expected to be no worse than it was before.

And all residential roads will be just that, roads used by the people who live there, walking and cycling with their children, in safety.



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