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Eastern blocks: Street art depicts war games

28 April, 2017 — By Thalia Fairweather

DONALD Trump and Kim Jong-un may be threatening to start a new world war, but they’re little more than babies “throwing toys at each other”.

That’s according to King’s Cross-based artist Pegasus, whose latest street art depicts the North Korean leader as a child playing with a globe and a missile.

The piece has been painted above the door of Hair Machine hairdressers in Digswell Street, near Highbury and Islington railway station.

The semi-anonymous artist told the Tribune: “I see Kim Jong-un as an infantile man who is supposed to be a powerful leader, but he just throws threats around. But, at the same time, he’s a very dangerous man.”

He and Trump are “throwing toys at each other”, he said, justifying the toy armies featured in his piece. “I wanted to show him as a toddler with his toys.”

Pegasus’s latest creation was installed earlier this month, although he mentions that he has been following the story for the past several months. “The news is now all doom and gloom. It’s hard to read papers and watch the news on TV,” he added.

The American street artist is originally from Chicago, although he has lived in London for the past 15 years.

“I live in King’s Cross – I’m a north ­Londoner,” he said proudly.

“Everyone knows me here so they’re very welcoming. They have this community feel about them.”


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