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End unfair evictions

02 November, 2018

Campaigners calling on the Dame Alice Owen’s Foundation to reverse its decision to evict tenants

• THE recent news that a charity in the borough, the Dame Alice Owen’s Found­ation, was evicting tenants in order to enlarge its blocks of flats has highlighted the plight of private tenants faced with a Section 21 eviction notice, (Clerkenwell renters take their protest to their landlords, September 21).

It is the Section 21 notice which has made private renting so precarious now. Those who receive them do not only have to find somewhere else to live, possibly once or even twice a year, but also have to come up with a large deposit each time they have to move.

These evictions are known as “no-fault evictions”, because model tenants, always paying their rent on time, are just as likely to be served a Section 21 notice as anyone else.

With so much council housing lost through right-to-buy, and housing associations increasingly moving away from social housing, most people are now pushed into private renting, but with such insecure tenancies it’s very difficult to establish a base anywhere and feel part of a community.

If landlords want to increase rents, it’s very easy to evict tenants who can’t pay, and relet to tenants able to pay more. There is now an End Unfair Evictions campaign, with the objective of ending Section 21 evictions, and establishing safe and secure homes for all private tenants.



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