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Everyday racial bigotry was just part of our glorious imperial past

09 February, 2018

The Blackstock Road café with its wax model of Churchill

• THESE protesters at the Blighty café in Finsbury Park should consider that, prior to the 1940s, almost all people of noble birth – such as Churchill – were imperialists, and racial bigotry was quite normal (Students stage protest at Blighty café, February 2).

What Churchill can never be forgiven for was sending our battleships Prince of Wales and Repulse stupidly into Japanese waters near Malaya to be sunk by Japanese air power on December 10, 1941, with the loss of nearly 2,400 lives.

It is ironic that the Prince of Wales had been named after the man who became Edward VIII – a traitor who gave away to the Nazis our troop dispositions prior to the Battle of France – a man who, but for his sycophant, Churchill, might well have been shot for treason.

It is easy to see why the Queen Mother hated Churchill. Following the abdication, she asked that nobody use the initials HRH when addressing the Duke of Windsor. But Churchill, defiantly, continued to do so.

Good war leader, yes. But so was Stalin.

Manor Road, N16


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