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Everything in the Brexit garden is presented as rosy when we all know it isn’t

06 July, 2018

• WE were lied to by the Vote Leave (Brexit) campaign. But did they break electoral law? Well, yes apparently. Many of us suspected this but the Electoral Commission has just confirmed it.

So do the revelations make any difference to us leaving the EU? They should give us a very good reason to stop, think and openly debate the truth.

In a recent poll, 44 per cent of people think that Britain was wrong to vote for Brexit; 43 per cent think it was right. Just 22 per cent of people think the government is doing well at negotiating Brexit; 62 per cent think it is doing badly.

But will we get it under Theresa May’s secretive, obviously divided cabinet. Everything in the Brexit garden is presented as rosy when we all know it isn’t.

I voted Remain, with obvious reservations, but have never derided BeLeavers. I fully understand their choice.

But the dreadful mistake that is Brexit could result in an economic disaster. Dire warnings are coming from 99 out of the top 100 FTSE companies.

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